Patents and Pending Applications:

Through Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)

[P15] “Three axis capacitive touch sensor,” H. Jiang and J. Fernandes, P160417, patent applied for through WARF.

[P14] “A liquid optical phase shifter with an embedded electrowetting actuator,” H. Jiang and A. Ousati Ashtiani, P170049, patent applied for through WARF.

[P13] “Camouflage from infrared and night vision cameras,” H. Jiang, S. Moghimi, and G. Lin, P160392, patent applied for through WARF.

[P12] “Fresnel zone plate,” H. Jiang, Y.-S. Lu, and H. Liu, US Patent 9529126, issued on 12/27/2016. [Link_WARF][Link_USPTO]

[P11] “Recovering performance of degraded solar cells with electrical pulses,” H. Jiang, X. Zhang, and X. Huang, US Patent 9,299,503 issued on 3/29/2016. [Link_WARF][Link_USPTO]

[P10] “Variable focus lens system,” H. Jiang, and C. Li, US Patent 9,389,342 issued on July 12, 2016. [Link_WARF][Link_USPTO]

[P9] “Passive solar tracking system to enhance solar cell output,” H. Jiang, C. Li and Y. Liu, US Patent 9,548,697 issued on 1/17/2017. [Link_WARF][Link_USPTO]

[P8] “Infrared light- and thermal-responsive graphene oxide hydrogel polymer composites,” H. Jiang, C.-W. Lo and D. Zhu, US Patent 9,193,816 issued on 11/24/2015. [Link_WARF][Link_USPTO]

[P7] “Photovoltaic capacitor for direct solar energy conversion and storage,” H. Jiang, C. –W. Lo. and C. Li, US 9,065,156 issued on 6/23/2015. [Link_WARF][Link_USPTO]

[P6] “Microfluidic device integrating sensing element and method,” H. Jiang and D. Cheng, US 8,925,373, issued on 1/6/2015. [Link_WARF][Link_USPTO]

[P5] “Compound eye,” H. Jiang and L. Dong, US Patent 7,672,058 issued on 3/20/2010. [Link_WARF][Link_USPTO]

[P4] “Detection device and method,” H. Jiang and S.S. Sridharamurthy,US Patent 7,722,816 issued on 5/25/2010. [Link_WARF][Link_USPTO]

[P3] “Variable-focus lens assembly,” H. Jiang, A. K. Agarwal, L. Dong and D. J. Beebe, US Patent 7,554,743 issued on 6/30/2009 and US 7,940,468 issued on 5/10/2011. [Link_WARF][Link_USPTO 7,554,743][Link_USPTO 7,940,468]

[P2] “Bioagent detection device,” H. Jiang and D.J. Beebe,US Patent 7,722,809 issued on 5/25/2010.[Link_WARF][Link_USPTO]

[P1] “Micro device incorporating programmable element,” H. Jiang, A.K. Agarwal, D.J. Beebe and F. J. Atencia-Fernandez, US Patent 7,553,132 issued on 6/30/2009. [Link_WARF] [Link_USPTO]

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