The authors demonstrate high-performance photo-actuation of nematic liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) nanocomposites incorporating graphene oxide (GO). The nematic LCE serves as the matrix with reversible thermomechanical response. The incorporated GO absorbs photons and converts the photonic energy to heat, thus actuating the LCE nanocomposite. Both infrared and visible lights of wide spectrum (white light) or various wavelength ranges irradiations are able to effectively actuate the LCE nanocomposites, thus proves that they can fully utilize the photo energy of a light source for their mechanical actuation. Attributed to the well dispersity of GO in LCE matrix, sensitive (in seconds) and reversible photo-induced strain of LCE nanocomposites with consistent shape-changing ratio and significantly enhanced mechanical properties are observed. The contraction of the LCE nanocomposite films under light irradiation is about one third of the original length. The effective load-actuation capability is elevated about 50%.